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6 Ways to Create a Realistic Work-Life Balance

Mindset & Wellness

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Can we skip to the good part?

In this blog post, ‘6 Ways to Create a Realistic Work-Life Balance’. We will be covering:

01. Set Realistic Expectations

02. Create a Routine that Works for YOU

03. How can you create a good routine?

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‘I can’t make it this weekend I’ve got so much work to catch up on’.

Does that sound familiar?

We’ve all been there! Being an entrepreneur and your own boss comes with many perks, but it also comes with a lot of hard days. Like those days where you feel way in over your head juggling multiple projects and cancelling plans to go out yet again. It takes time and effort to build your own business but it’s also important to find a good balance between your career and your personal life.

So how do we do it all?

In this post we’ll discuss 6 essential tips to help you find a balance that works for YOU, so you can live a more satisfying life.

Set Realistic Expectations

The number one rule for a work-life balance!

Do you find yourself always promising to have everything done by first thing tomorrow or saying yes to every new client when you can’t really fit them in? If you’re nodding your head – you need to apply this in your life for a better work-life balance!

Taking on more work than you can handle not only leaves your clients frustrated but more importantly creates added stress for you. Know your limits and determine what you can realistically, yes, REALISTICALLY accomplish in a day. If you’re not sure how long a project will take you – overestimate and add on a few extra days for breathing room. Your client is always going to be happier when they receive their work early rather than late!

Setting expectations for both you and your client means you get to live your life instead of working round the clock – the whole reason you became an entrepreneur in the first place!

Create a Routine that Works for YOU

You’ve done it! You’ve finally become your own boss and get to eat, sleep and pee when you want! The possibilities are endless!

We all get a little excited about our newfound freedom when we start our own business. However – as humans we NEED structure, our minds crave the comfort that routine offers!


Routines mean less time wasted thinking about what to do with our day. By creating a routine, we get to make the most of our time and focus on the bigger decisions in life!

How can you create a good routine?

Find a flow that works for you.

When are you most productive? If you’re an early bird, assign the mornings to tasks that require creativity and thinking. The afternoon can then be used for tasks that require less concentration such as admin or filing! Remember your routine isn’t set in stone – keep it flexible! If one routine isn’t working for you, switch it up until you find one that does.

Try to create a routine that also includes activities that make you happy – like walking, reading, or taking a hot bath – doing something you love every day will naturally boost your energy and leave you feeling positive and more productive!


Technology has helped our lives in so many ways. But it has also created expectations of constant accessibility. As soon as we receive a message, we feel constant pressure to reply or find a solution immediately.

What about enjoying the moment and what’s in front of you? By allowing phone notifications to constantly interrupt your free time you are opening yourself up to stress.

Start by trying our two top tips to help you unplug:

  • Let clients know your working hours and that your weekends are your weekends. If necessary – don’t link your phone to your e-mails.  A lot of clients don’t expect a response straight away – just because they are working through the evening doesn’t mean they think you are too.
  • Limit time spent on social media. This includes posting, answering DM’s and storying. Track your time spent on social media for a week and see how much time you spend scrolling – we think you’ll be surprised. Limit yourself and free up your time for things that really matter! Go out to dinner with your friends, spend time with your family or work on that passion project.

A great way of limiting time spent on social media is by scheduling your posts in advance, so you don’t get sucked into the black hole of infinite scrolling. At Azori, we recommend using the Facebook Business Suite for scheduling your content in advance. Find out more here.

Using these tips and tools to plan ahead will allow you to unplug whilst still giving you plenty of time to keep up with your work-life balance.

Take a Well-Deserved Break

One of the biggest perks of being your own boss means you now get to take a break whenever you like!

Many of us never take a day off unless we are going on holiday – but you don’t need a fancy trip or to have something extravagant planned to take some time off. Take a day off and binge-watch your favourite TV show in bed. Go and see your family. Have a date night! Whatever helps to re-fill your cup.

If you never take a break you are destined for burnout – resulting in a decrease in productivity, creativity and mental health. Not only will your work suffer, but you and your loved ones will too! You could even set aside time in your calendar for taking a break each month, book in it like an appointment. We don’t think twice about taking the morning off to go and see the Doctor – having a break is just as vital for your health – even if it’s just half a day spent away from your screen.

Exercise to Boost Productivity

We make time for eating. We make time for sleeping. But what about exercising? It’s a vital part of life, but we don’t tell ourselves it’s a priority.

Exercise boosts productivity by pumping endorphins (happy hormones) around our body helping us stay focused and energised throughout the day. This means we get our work done faster and to the best of our ability!

We aren’t saying you have to go all-in with a heavy gym sesh every day! Just take a walk, get some fresh air – do some yoga. Making time for exercise also gives you a well-needed break from your computer screen and is great for physical and mental health!

Start Creating Small Habits

So where do we start?

Start by setting yourself one or two small goals. Let’s say you miss family dinner every night – why not decide you’ll make two family dinners each week. Or maybe you find yourself taking your laptop to bed and working until 12 every night. If that’s the case, set yourself a goal of not taking your laptop into bed with you & putting it away at 11 each day.

The key is to make small wins! Every small goal you meet will gradually allow you to gain more freedom and set the path towards achieving your ideal work-life balance.

Do you have any great tips for achieving a work-life balance? Let us know!

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