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Uplevel Your Online Visibility & Amplify Your Authority

ELEVATE your personal brand

Attention all ambitious and go-getting female ENTREPRENEURS!

Build a magnetic
online presence

Get invited to 
be a guest speaker

Get featured 
in publications

Get complete clarity on how to build your personal brand and stand out in your industry so you can...

It’s time to build a brand that attracts your dream customers & makes your business more money.


branding is what makes your marketing work.

You know it's time to stop making excuses and finally build a stand-out brand that's a true reflection of the the incredible impactful work you do to attract more success to your business.


You aspire to be seen as the go-to industry leader and trendsetter in your space, that sparks innovation and sets the standards rather than being the a sheep that follows them.
You're eager to break free from imposter syndrome and shiny object syndrome, allowing you to confidently embrace your true potential and stay focused on the needle moving tasks.
You want to establish a strong and recognisable presence that builds trust and authority, transforming your brand into a cohesive identity across the board.
You're ready to do what it takes to really get visible in your industry, secure speaking gigs, magazine features and become a sought-after expert and industry icon.
Get ready to level up...
You're ready to consistently draw in dream customers that don't question you on your pricing, and resonate deeply with your mission and values as a brand.

A 12 month programme with easy to implement strategies to become a stand-out industry icon that effortlessly attracts dream customers & more sales!


For both the high-achieving seasoned CEO's and new business founders that want regular expert support. Get ready to wake up to daily opportunities and payment notifications! Perfect if you’re an accomplished coach, course creator or service provider. 

Gain crystal-clear clarity on your unique perspective and 'Fame Factor®' to attract your dream customers to your business.

Overcome limiting beliefs so you can confidently and authentically showcase your expertise and make an impact in your industry.

Establish yourself as an industry icon, leader and authority through increased visibility, recognition, and brand opportunities.

Our entire system for building a powerful personal brand that will enable you to stand out in your industry and become a leader.
Our step-by-step process to gain clarity on how to position and differentiate yourself. (Refining your messaging & visual aesthetics) 

What's Included?

A complete breakdown on how to define your 'Fame Factor®' and your 'unique approach' so you can be seen as a leader and authority. 
Get the strategies, tools, and templates designed to supercharge your brand’s visibility so you can confidently and consistently show up and stand out in your industry.


what's covered?





Brand Attraction & Positioning


Build the foundation of your personal brand to position yourself in a league of your own, creating a magnetic business that boosts your sales.

Messaging: Get to the core of your purpose so you can create a compelling message that clearly translates to your audience and makes them want to buy.

Positioning: Discover your Fame Factor® and unlock the secret to attracting your dream clients. Learn how to become the go-to expert and authority in your niche.

Identity: How to implement visuals that truly represent everything you stand for that can be visually communicated to your dream audience in seconds.





Brand Value & Elevation


Create a premium and memorable brand experience that will allow you to raise your prices and encourage repeat business and referrals.

Personalising Client Experiences: Discover the art of crafting unique client experiences that reflect your personal brand.

Cohesive Client Journey: Master the creation of a personalised client journey map, ensuring your brand essence is infused at every touchpoint.

Referral Strategies: Learn how to build a referral system that not only grows your business but also feels authentic and aligns with your brand identity.






Brand Visibility & Marketing

Learn the industry secrets to building a cohesive and impactful marketing machine, that’s easy to implement, maintain and actually works!

Website Design: Create a seamless website experience and client management system to increase sales, and streamline your process so you can scale your business. 

Networking Events: Develop your networking strategy to meet and collaborate with other industry-leading experts and open yourself up to new opportunities.

Public Relations: Create a pitching strategy that will increase your visibility via publications and socials. It’s your ticket to gaining trust and respect of your audience. 






Brand Authority & Publicity

Get the roadmap to becoming an industry leader so you can build your authority, establish trust with your audience and sky-rocket your sales.

Get PR Ready: Prepare to shine in the PR spotlight. Learn to craft a compelling brand narrative and media kit, making you irresistible to top publications.

Collaborations for Visibility: Elevate your brand with powerful collaborations. Learn to leverage partnerships for greater visibility and impact.

Attract Opportunities: Position your brand to be heard. You'll  refine your brand to attract invitations as a sought-after guest speaker and podcast guest.




Meet Your
Brand Experts

From boardrooms to red carpets, we have collaborated with the best—CEOs, celebrities, and renowned brands. Our goal? Amplifying entrepreneurial visions like yours. If you're ready for a brand transformation backed by elite experience, let's connect.

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Every module is supported by compatible resources, including templates, checklists, cheat sheets, and so much MORE. 

The BrandMe programme includes pre-recorded immersive action taking training. videos.

Weekly 1 hour group coaching LIVE video calls with BrandMe hosts Pascale & Kate.

Exclusive templates, workbooks, scripts, checklists and guides to help you save time.

Group community including online support from the Azori team via our private portal.

Access to bonus expert masterclasses hosted by key guest speakers within our industry. 

Bonus rewards for action takers and for notable milestone achievements within BrandMe.

(worth $6,000)
(worth $10,000)
(worth $3,500)
(worth $12,000)
(worth $3,000)
(worth $1,000)

All for just $6,000

For a programme worth more than $35,000!

Amazing results from our members

I honestly can't thank you enough for the amount of value that has come from working with you! I have taken away a huge amount of ideas and practical to do's that I have already started to use in my business. I finally understand what it means to create a really powerful, customer centred brand that is going to deliver services that are focused on client needs, whilst also being in line with my own values, skills and passion's as a business owner! 

"I finally understand what it means to create a really powerful, customer centred brand!"

Amy Thomas - Coaching For Burnout

The Brand Me session was a really useful addition to my personal branding strategy. As I tend to be really busy running my PR agency, it’s often difficult to slow down and reflect. I was so focused on working with other brands, that it became very easy to forget my own personal brand! Therefore, it was great to get this opportunity and gain a fresh perspective on my personal brand! Plus, I love my new visual aesthetic and website, it feels so aligned to the new direction of my brand.

"Wonder Women! I LOVE this. My brand feels so much more higher-end than it did before."


choose your  INVESTMENT

Choose an option perfect for you!



12 month programme with group support


BrandMe VIP


12 month programme with 1:1 support & strategy day

*Payment Plans Available

*Payment Plans Available

Only 5 available per year!
*2 spots left



BrandMe course curriculum with the latest in-depth strategies.






Weekly 1-hour group video coaching calls led by Kate & Pascale.

Daily access to support within our private online community portal.

Bonus expert training sessions to enhance your personal brand.

Plug-and-play templates and resources to save time and money.

1:1 VIP Strategy Day for ultimate clarity with Kate & Pascale.

1:1 Monthly 1 Hour Coaching Call to strategise a clear action plan.

Daily access directly to Kate & Pascale for 1:1 chat support.


what current members are saying

"people are hiring me as 'the expert'... I've Landed One Of The Biggest Projects I've Ever Had..."

julie, brand photographer

"I had my first paid corporate gig within one month of joining BrandMe for IWD..."

lauren, corporate equality coach

"My breakthroughs have been community, confidence and visibility on social media..."

tess, Psychotherapist & Coach

"Within 8 weeks I doubled my prices and attracted more high quality clients..."

tracey, hypnotherapy & mindset coach

"I have so much more confidence and i started seeing results within days of joining..."

millie, salon owner & beauty coach

Learn more about the Programme

the details


the Exclusive

BrandMe isn’t just a programme; we invite you to become part of an extraordinary community. 



Success rate when you have regular accountability


Thrive when surrounded by likeminded women

Here, you’re not just learning; you’re engaging, sharing, and growing with go-getters like yourself. 

The diversity of our community means you’ll gain unique insights and perspectives, enriching your personal and professional growth.


build authority

We do more than just teach; we transform. 


MORE ABOUT THE education

Tackle inner challenges like imposter syndrome to reshape your mindset.


Gain advanced strategies for effective personal branding.


Overcome internal mindset barriers and build unshakeable confidence.


Transform to become the driving force behind your brand.


bonus trainings

Prepare to be inspired as we unveil our panel of guest experts.


Challenging you on everything from mindset, systems, marketing, business, events, speaking, PR and more!

Learn from the best, implement their secrets, and fast-track your journey to building a successful, standout brand.

Bringing a wealth of experience and expertise, they’re here to dish out the real, unfiltered advice.

Vicky owens

Vicky Owens is an award-winning social media strategist who grew her Social Media business to six figures in under two years through the power of social media. Vicky took to TikTok to share her story and in just 10 days amassed over 10,000 new followers and continues to reach millions each month. She has also secured some life-changing collaborations with the likes of Netflix's hit show, Emily in Paris, TikTok and more. Vicky is a powerhouse when it comes to growing brands on social media and she's an asset to the BrandMe programme.

Social Media Expert

joanna lee

Joanna Lee is an award-winning speaker, educator, judge, adjudicator and writer - well known in the beauty industry for emceeing at events. Joanna was in TV, on and off screen, latterly at Sky News as a weather girl. Now, Joanna is a mentor and qualified coach that helps ambitious, accomplished women become more visible and more confident; uplifting their profiles and opening up opportunities! Whether that's on social media, or on industry stages, Joanna specialises in presenting and public speaking skills, to help women 'show up' without the cringe and fear of judgement! 

Public Speaker

tracey hill

Tracey Hill, founder of The Pause Effect, has over 20 years of experience empowering high-performers. Specialising in hypnotherapy, behavioural change, and cognitive behavioural therapy, she blends psychological insight with game-changing strategies. Tracey’s mission is to help others master their mental, physical, and emotional edge. She believes that unlocking the mind's power is key to a happy, successful and fulfilled life.

mindset Coach

Katherine Bignon

Katherine Bignon is a distinguished brand fashion stylist and creative director with over a decade of experience in the fashion industry. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) with a BFA in Fashion Design, she initially made her mark as a custom bridal gown designer. Katherine's styling studio, often described as a "closet fairy godmother" by her clients, specialises in helping small business owners curate looks for their personal brands and brand shoots. Her approach blends strategic planning with a focus on joy and authenticity, ensuring clients feel confident and true to their personal style.

Fashion Stylist


Naomi White is a PR Coach and Consultant with over a decade of experience working with leading health & wellness brands.Working at some of London's top agencies, mixing with the elite of the London Fashion world before pivoting. Naomi has an impress portfolio working with  brands like; Boom Cycle, Barrecore, KOBOX, Shaman Durek, The Gut Health Doctor, Rhiannon Lambert, Lumen and more. Now she leverages her years of knowledge to help individuals harness their PR in-house, helping hundreds of product and service businesses get visible in their industry.

PR Specialist

sarah langum

Sarah Langum is a distinguished ads and marketing specialist with a robust background in digital marketing, focusing on empowering female business owners. With years of experience managing comprehensive ad campaigns, optimising performance, and enhancing brand visibility, Sarah has a proven track record of driving client engagement and achieving significant results. Her deep understanding of market trends and consumer behaviour enables her to craft tailored advertising solutions that resonate with dream customers. Sarah is dedicated to coaching business owners to launch through strategic and effective marketing strategies!

Ads Specialist

jourdan walker

Jourdan Walker is a leading industry Makeup Artist that knows the best secrets to building your confidence both 'on camera,' 'on stage,' and in your 'day-to-day' life with easy, simple, and quick makeup looks! No matter who you are, your age, your industry, or your platform for building your personal brand, you're in safe hands with Jourdan. She has worked with women from all backgrounds, including influencers, supermodels, and business owners like global icons such as Roxie Nafousi. Jourdan's expertise has also been sought by celebrities such as Laura Woods and Kelly Osbourne, getting them glammed up for TV, social media, magazine shoots, stage performances, and red-carpet events.

Makeup Artist

And many more guest expert trainings and speakers to learn from!

choose your  INVESTMENT

Choose an option perfect for you!



12 month programme with group support


BrandMe VIP


12 month programme with 1:1 support & strategy day

*Payment Plans Available

*Payment Plans Available

Only 5 available per year!
*2 spots left

My BrandMe with Pascale & Kate was amazing - It made me really think about my journey and appreciate my value in my industry. I now have total brand clarity, something I never thought I'd be able to say. I have a clear vision and strategy to follow and I look forward to seeing where it takes me. Thank you so much Kate & Pascale!

"I now have total brand clarity, something I never thought I'd be able to say."

Francesca allebone - amore fiore

With the doors reopening of my membership approaching, I wanted to gain more clarity and confidence around what to share, and how to show up more. So, I went ahead and booked the BrandMe. It was incredibly useful, and sparked so many different ideas - I definitely feel so much clearer and excited about my marketing. I now have a new wave of energy for what and how I can share more of online, and way more clarity about my ideal client and what I'm working towards. I'm SO excited to begin the coaching and to start implementing all the new ideas!

"It sparked so many different ideas. I definitely feel so much clearer and excited about my marketing."

JESS blake - happy beams interiors


if you're wondering

What makes BrandMe unique from other  programmes?

What makes BrandMe unique from other  programmes?

BrandMe is designed specifically for female entrepreneurs looking to elevate their business and personal brand. Unlike other programmes, BrandMe blends expert-led online courses, personalised coaching, and a "done-for-you" suite of resources. This includes essential templates that streamline implementation once you complete the initial phase of our programme. Our approach tackles the unique challenges and opportunities that women face in the business world, offering both strategic guidance and practical tools for success.

Do you just cover the branding aspect of building a business?

Do you just cover the branding aspect of building a business?

No, BrandMe goes beyond just branding. While we focus heavily on helping you create both a strong personal brand and business brand, our programme also covers important areas like customer experience, marketing strategies, PR strategies, managing your business operations, financial planning, money-making strategies and how to handle customer relationships effectively. This comprehensive approach helps you build a well-rounded business that can thrive in a competitive market.

Who is the BrandMe a good fit for?

Who is the BrandMe a good fit for?

It’s a great fit for female entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to significantly enhance their personal and business brand. It's particularly suited for those who want to be seen as industry leaders, increase their pricing through creating a premium brand experience, and boost their market presence. Ideal participants are ambitious, proactive about their growth, and ready to engage actively with the tools, strategies, and community that the programme provides. It's perfect for women who value professional guidance and are committed to achieving rapid, tangible results in their businesses.

Who is the BrandMe a good fit for?

Who is the BrandMe a good fit for?

It might not be a good fit for people who can’t commit enough time, prefer learning on their own without much interaction, aren't looking to create a personal brand, just want quick and easy solutions, or don't like working within a community. It's really designed for active, driven female entrepreneurs, so it works best for those who are ready to dive in and participate fully.

How do you ensure the programme is effective for each participant?

How do you ensure the programme is effective for each participant?

We take participant selection seriously and only enrol those we truly believe will benefit from and thrive in our programme. Unlike typical 'Instagram coaches' who might charge high fees just for motivational speeches and outdated 'copy and paste' blueprints. We provide tangible, timeless, proven strategies and ready-to-use templates that you can select and mould to your own unique brand. Our philosophy is "your success is our success," which means it's important for us to ensure that you can realistically achieve great results with what we offer. However, it's important to note that the ultimate success of the programme depends on your own discipline and effort. While we provide all the necessary tools and support, you must be committed to watching the videos, engaging with the materials, and applying what you learn. We're here to guide and support you, but the action must come from you. This ensures that those who join are prepared not just to learn but to actively implement these strategies and see real results.

Will BrandMe be relevant to my specific industry or business stage?

Will BrandMe be relevant to my specific industry or business stage?

We understand you might wonder if our programme fits your industry or where your business is right now. BrandMe is designed to work across different industries and business stages. The strategies we teach are fundamental yet adaptable, whether you're just starting out or looking to expand. In our personalised coaching sessions, you can tackle issues specific to your business, making sure what you learn really works for you.

Is BrandMe suitable for entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

Is BrandMe suitable for entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

If you're new to entrepreneurship, you might worry that BrandMe could be too advanced for you. Rest assured, our programme is designed to be accessible to entrepreneurs at all levels, including those just beginning their business journey. The content starts with the basics and builds up to more advanced strategies, ensuring you can follow along and grow your skills step by step. Plus, our personalised coaching helps address your specific needs, making it a great fit no matter where you're starting from.

will it really work and what can I expect after completing it?

will it really work and what can I expect after completing it?

Yes, this BrandMe will work for you if you commit to the process and actively participate. We provide everything you need to build both a strong personal brand and business brand. After completing the programme, you'll notice a clearer direction for your business, increased authority in your market, and a boost in your brand's visibility. You'll also likely feel more confident, develop better business strategies that will increase your sales, and benefit from the support of a strong network of fellow members.

How do Pascale and Kate’s experiences and expertise directly benefit me?

How do Pascale and Kate’s experiences and expertise directly benefit me?

Pascale and Kate, with their joint decades of knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship and brand building, play a vital role in every part of BrandMe. With Kate's knowhow and experience of owning her own successful business for 15+ years, specialising in personal branding and working with renowned global brands, CEO's and even celebrities. Along side Pascale's 10+ years of experience working in business branding and marketing with the likes of L'Oreal, Ralph Lauren, Jack Wills, SlimFast and The White Company, to name a few. Followed by nearly 5 years of owning her own successful branding agency. It's safe to say you're in the best hands possible. From designing the curriculum to leading coaching calls, their proven strategies and innovative approaches are tailored to help you, as a female entrepreneur, succeed. 

What time commitment is required to make the most out of this?

What time commitment is required to make the most out of this?

To make the most of BrandMe, you should plan to spend about 4-6 hours per week. This includes time for learning modules, completing assignments, participating in coaching calls, and engaging with our community. This commitment is designed to be manageable, even if you're running a full-time business.

I'm worried that I won't have confidence to show up on camera, help!?

I'm worried that I won't have confidence to show up on camera, help!?

Absolutely, it’s completely normal to feel a bit hesitant about appearing on camera, especially if it’s not something you’re used to. We understand these challenges and are here to support you every step of the way. Part of our coaching includes strategies and practice sessions to help you build your confidence in front of the camera. We start with low-pressure situations and gradually help you become more comfortable and confident. Plus, you'll be in a supportive community of other members who share similar challenges and can offer encouragement. By the time you’ve worked through our exercises and participated in group sessions, you’ll likely find that presenting yourself on camera has become much more natural.

What can I expect in terms of support and resources?

What can I expect in terms of support and resources?

When you join BrandMe, you're signing up for continuous support and a treasure trove of resources. You’ll have access to weekly coaching calls with our founders, Kate and Pascale, and monthly sessions with guest experts who bring fresh perspectives and tips. Our online community is incredibly active, offering you a place to connect, share, and find encouragement from fellow members who are also on their entrepreneurial journeys. The programme’s content is delivered through an easy-to-navigate online platform that includes video modules and interactive workshops, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit content as needed. We keep everything updated, so you're always equipped with the latest strategies and tools.

What opportunities for networking does BrandMe offer?

What opportunities for networking does BrandMe offer?

BrandMe offers numerous networking opportunities through live events, an online community forum, and group coaching sessions. These platforms help you connect with like-minded entrepreneurs for collaboration, partnership, and mutual support.

I’m interested, but I’m worried about the cost. Is it a good investment?

I’m interested, but I’m worried about the cost. Is it a good investment?

We hear you, and it’s great that you’re thinking carefully about this investment. To help make BrandMe more accessible, we offer a flexible monthly payment plan. Many of our participants find that they start seeing returns on their investment quite soon after they begin applying the strategies we teach. By enhancing your brand and optimising your business operations, the skills you acquire here can lead to increased revenue, higher pricing capabilities, and a stronger market presence. Think of BrandMe not just as a cost but as an investment in your business’s future—one that pays off in both profits and personal growth.

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