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Increase your income: Creating a high-end client experience


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Pascale & Kate

Welcome to the blog

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Build your Personal Brand


Can we skip to the good part?

In this blog post, ‘Increase your income: Creating a high-end client experience’. We will be covering:

What is a client experience and why is it so important?

Understanding the impact of building a high-end experience.

How YOU can build a high-end client experience.

01. Make their life SIMPLE + EASY.

02. Design your own unique Experience

03. Show your appreciation

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You’ve spent the last few years, putting your mind, heart & soul into your business. Perhaps, you’re now making a consistent 10-20k each month? Your business is an asset to the market & your loyal clients couldn’t do without you.

And yet you feel stuck….

You’re dying to reach the next level, but you just don’t know where to go from here. Your business feels like it’s reached a stand still, bringing in the same amount of money each month. No matter how much extra work you put in!

If you speak to any high-earning business owner, we can guarantee that most of them have felt this way before.

So why do many business owners reach this point?

The chances are, although you’ve built an incredible business, you haven’t yet built a brand to match. Creating a brand for your business is the first step to creating a high-end client experience, that you’re clients will be delighted to pay more for.

Today we’ll be sharing our NO-BS secrets to get you out of the ‘business only’ mindset & on your way to building a profitable, unstoppable brand. How may you ask? By creating a high-end client experience.

What is a client experience and why is it so important?

Let’s get straight down to business!

Grab a pen & write down your three favourite brands – which stores or services could you not live without?


What have you got written down? Let us know in the comments!

Is it that unmistakable Chanel fragrance, sleek Apple Macbook or simply the taste of your Nescafe coffee beans? Now, what is it about these products or services that stop you from going anywhere else?

Write it down. Think outside the box – it’s more than just because you love the product. What other aspects do you love?

Most of us stay loyal to our favourite brands, because of the way they make us feel.

From the second you catch a glimpse of the chic Chanel advert, to the moment you spritz the fragrance on your skin – you are transported to a life of luxury! Each subtle moment, that you may not even be aware of, has been carefully thought out by the brand itself. They have dived into your mind and curated a flawless customer journey from start to finish; to ensure that when you encounter their products, you feel like Coco Chanel herself.

Clever, right?

Now let’s flip the switch and put your business in the hot seat.

Go over the questions we just answered about your favourite brands and write down what you want your clients to be saying about why they love your products or services.

Why? You want your clients to become advocates of your brand! The happier they are with the experience, the more likely they are to become a repeat customer as well as tell all their friends and family about it.

And what does more customers mean? More sales and more MONEY!

Semrush Blog says:

”On average, word-of-mouth drives $6 trillion in annual global spending and is responsible for 13% of all sales. Word-of-mouth is even more effective than paid ads, resulting in five times more sales.”


Insane! So, now we know what a customer journey is, let’s talk about how building one is going to help double your income.. or more!

Understanding the impact of building a high-end experience.

Imagine you’re boss is booking you a flight for a trip away, it won’t cost you a penny. He gives you two options:

Business class with Virgin Atlantic Airways


Economy with Easy Jet?

We don’t even need to ask which one you would choose. We’d all be jumping at the opportunity to fly business class with Virgin Atlantic! Both flights do the job, but yet we would likely all choose business class. Why is that?

Flying with Virgin means great customer service, priority boarding, access to the clubhouse, your own booth & bed, extra legroom & fine dining. Even writing about it is making us feel zen!

Let’s compare this with Easy Jet – sure, the flight will get you there, but how will the experience be? You’re likely to be standing in queues. No guarantee of a specific seat. No extra legroom & a ham & cheese toastie for tea. A far less relaxing experience!

Some of us wouldn’t dream of paying for a business class flight with Virgin. However, think about the type of person that would. Likely someone who enjoys the finer things in life or perhaps a busy executive, maybe even flying for work. Whoever it is, this flight might be their only chance to unwind and relax, or quietly prepare for their next business meeting.

Do you think if that person knows that they are GUARANTEED to have a smooth, relaxed experience – they are going to be willing to pay a bit more? Absolutely!

How much more?

For context – the average cost of a business class ticket with Virgin is between £3-5k, compared to easy jet at £50-£150.

You might be wincing at this price, thinking ‘who would pay that for a flight?’ And yet – thousands of people do, every single day.

This doesn’t just apply to airlines, this applies to everything!

If you can create a high-ticket experience for your clients & make them FEEL a certain way, even if you’re in a saturated market with a product or service that delivers the same solution as other companies within your industry. You can increase your prices to align with the value and experience you’re offering.

The experience your clients have with you, not only leaves them feeling remarkable. It starts to build your brand reputation, meaning people will know exactly who you are before you even need to tell them.

Think back to the brands you wrote down earlier, would you know you were walking into one of their stores, even if they didn’t have a sign? A true brand stands out a mile off, and that’s all to do with building a unique customer experience.

How YOU can build a high-end client experience.

01. Make their life SIMPLE + EASY.

First impressions are everything in this world! And your clients high-end client experience, begins from the moment they first interact with you.

Whether your client has discovered you through social media or searching you on Google. The best way to make their customer journey unforgettable is to keep it SIMPLE.

What do we mean by this? Help your client understand what it is you’re selling and the solution and value you bring to their life, straight away!

How to get started:

  • Look at your social media. How easy is it for your client to click through to your website and buy your products/services? Add buttons, highlights & links that guide your client straight to where they need to be.
  • If you use paid adverts, make them bold & clear, GUIDE your clients. -Tell them how clicking that big bold button is going to change their life.
  • When they land on your website, show them a clear pathway to the end goal. Be ruthless & remove all the BS! Keep messaging simple.
  • Make your typography bold and easy to read.

A great way to find out how you can make your clients life simple, is to ask them! Offer your potential clients an incentive and send your advert, social media or website to them, then ask them to fill in a survey on how easy it was to navigate all the way through to that ‘contact’ or ‘pay now’ button.

Whilst we’re on the subject of payment, remember that exchanging money isn’t easy for everyone! This is a big investment for your client, so be sure to use a safe and easy method for your clients to part with their money. Try using stripe or paypal, they are well known, trustworthy & it means that your clients can pay with a few clicks of a button – leaving them with less time to talk themselves out of it.

Making a really easy, clear and simple way for them to buy your service or product will help them to build confidence in your brand from the get go.

02. Design your own unique Experience

To set your brand apart from the rest, you need to create your own unique experience. It’s no good copying another brands experience, as it won’t resonate with your mission, values & goals – and your clients will soon start to realise that.

Let’s take online business coaches as an example. In the online world, one of the most influential business programmes is The BossBabe Society. It’s a great platform and community for other female entrepreneurs, offering a step-by-step businesses course with weekly group video mentoring. There is no doubt that they are smashing it, however, they have built their brand for a mass market scale – meaning the experience isn’t personalised at all.

How could a business in a similar industry make this customer journey more unique?

Another business coach could offer a tailored programme, designed specifically for their clients individual business needs. They could include weekly group sessions with a handful of clients at a time. This allows the coach to add more value, improving their clients individual journey & enabling the business owner to CHARGE MORE.

👉 Think about your business, what can you offer to your client that other businesses can’t? Could you add some extra value to your clients journey? Designing your unique journey, should be just that, unique! So take some time to reallllyyy think about.

For inspiration, here are a few essentials that we swear by.

Removing buyers remorse

Buyers remorse means the feeling of regret that your client may get when they’ve made an expensive purchase. It may even lead to your client wanting to return their purchase, a feeling we need to nip in the bud asap!

A great way to eliminate buyers remorse, is to replace that feeling of regret with positive vibes & assurance!

How? Create an automated thank you email, or client welcome page on your website – including a pre-recorded video of you reassuring them that they have made the right decision.

On your welcome page, you could include:

  • A welcome video, reminding them why they chose to work with you.
  • Client testimonials.
  • Clear expectations and boundaries, this gets your working relationship off to a great start & creates a safe feeling for your client
  • Give them some homework! At Azori, we make it a goal to provide our clients with a mission to complete before their project start date. Giving our clients something to focus on, takes their attention away from the fact that we haven’t started working with each other just yet.
  • Send them a link to your blogs or other helpful resources – make it tailored and personal to them.

💥 Bonus points: Create a private ‘client only’ Facebook group, giving your clients the VIP feeling of attending an exclusive club – this also encourages them to connect with other clients & discuss your services.

This may sound like a lot of work, but once you’ve put together your welcome page template – the customer service is all done for you, saving you time & money! Kate & I receive endless feedback about how useful our welcome page has been for our clients. Your clients know exactly where everything is, and can refer back to their page, whenever they need to, which prevents them from coming to you with all their questions.

Now, finally – the creme, de la creme of building a high-end experience.

03. Show your appreciation

Why is showing your appreciation so important?

Your clients WANT to know that you CARE about them personally. Beyond the money that is going into your pocket once you’ve made a sale.

People will ALWAYS choose the feeling or the end result, not necessarily the product or service.

A customer relationship will blossom when the client trusts that you have their best interests at heart.

And that is the secret to how you can secure a loyal customer, that will keep on coming back, time & time again.

How can you show your appreciation?

  • Send a card in the post! Everyone loves to get post – it’s both personal & unique. When your client’s project is complete, send them a thank you card, to let them know you value their business!
  • Send a personalised send off gift. How often, do businesses make you feel extremely valued at the beginning of your journey, and then start to lose interest when the project is near completion. We’re all human, and I’m sure we are all guilty of doing this to an extent! But – this is the last thing we want our clients to remember us for. So, when it’s time to finish up – send them a unique gift, relevant to you and your business! Make it memorable & even useful, so that they are left with a positive feeling when they think of you.
  • Offer an incentive to work with you again. You could add your clients to a VIP mailing list, sending them regular discounts & goodies, or offer your clients a discount if they refer a friend!

So, what do you think? Could you improve your customer experience & feel confident charging higher prices?

Let’s recap what you can do today to get your clients paying high-end prices for a high-end experience!

  • Make your clients life as SIMPLE + EASY as possible.

Ensure your design & messaging is clear and make it easy for them to get in touch or pay for your service.

  • Design your own UNIQUE experience

Create a start to finish process that is like no other, setting you apart from the rest, making sure that it’s aligned with your vision and goals for your brand.

Eliminate buyers remorse by replacing it with reassurance.

Create a welcome page with clear set expectations and boundaries so that your clients feel safe & secure.

And finally

  • Show your appreciation!

Whether that’s in the small things through your communication, or by going that extra mile and sending something special in the post. Shouldn’t we all be showing each other a little more appreciation anyway.

There’s endless other ways to create a high-end experience, but implementing these three key strategies, is the core to what will make your client feel special. Giving you the confidence and permission to charge higher prices, make more money and create more freedom in your life.

What improvements are you going to start implementing into your business to create a high-end client experience? If you would like to work with Kate and I to uncover the pain points in your business & set you on the road to success, then fill in our Application Form
We can’t wait to hear from you

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