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How to Prepare Yourself for a BrandBreakthrough™ with Azori


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Pascale & Kate

Welcome to the blog

From boardrooms to red carpets, we have collaborated with the best—CEOs, celebrities, and renowned brands. Our goal? Amplifying entrepreneurial visions like yours. If you're ready for a brand transformation backed by elite experience, let's connect.

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How to Prepare Yourself for a BrandBreakthrough™ with Azori

Can we skip to the good part?

In this blog post, ‘How to Prepare Yourself for a BrandBreakthrough™ with Azori’. We will be covering:

01. What is a BrandBreakthrough™

02. Will I need to bring anything?

03. What happens during the session?
– Introductions
– Defining your goals
– How we can help
– What services we can offer 
– The details

04. What happens after the Call?

05. What results will a BrandBreakthrough™ bring to you?

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If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you’re all booked in for a BrandBreakthrough™ session with us. We couldn’t be more excited to work with you!

Being a busy entrepreneur with an endless to-do list isn’t an easy task! So, we like to make things nice and easy for you right from the get-go. This straightforward guide will give you the low down on what a BrandBreakthrough™ with us involves and how to prepare for one.

Keep reading to find out more!

01. What is a BrandBreakthrough™

A BrandBreakthrough™ is a mind clearing, eye opening one-to-one online consultancy session where we’ll challenge you on the way you navigate your brand and business. We’ll learn more about you and what your vision is for your business venture. The session will give you and the AZORI team the opportunity to determine the best plan to help you move forward. We’ll then help you unlock the secret to setting you on the road to total domination within your industry.

Now, we know it can feel a little daunting diving into your business goals with people outside of your circle, but we promise to make you feel right at home and we’ll (Pascale & Kate) start to feel like part of the team. BrandBreakthrough™ sessions happen to be one of our favourite ways to make new connections with inspiring, like-minded individuals. We love learning about your passions, and we are always open minded to new ideas, so don’t hold back from telling us what you need!

02. Will I need to bring anything?

There’s no need to get suited and booted, get comfy, grab yourself a coffee, leave on your yoga pants – there’s nothing ‘formal’ about it. Imagine you’re going for a hot drink with a friend of a friend. The team at AZORI are just an easy-going (tad wacky) bunch of passionate and ambitious branding and business experts!

A BrandBreakthrough™ is not only about getting to know you better, but also the perfect opportunity to expand on the information you’ve provided in our initial call, which will also allow us to create a plan that provides you with what you ACTUALLY need to get to the next-level in your business, not just what you THINK you need.

We like to allow up to 2.5 hours for a BrandBreakthrough™. Just enough time to get to get to know you on a deeper level, the nitty gritty, the ins and outs of your situation and how we can work together to smash your goals.

If you haven’t booked your BrandBreakthrough™ yet, please click here.

03. What happens during the session?

1. Introductions

As it’s our first ‘official’ meeting, the first and most essential thing we need to do is get to know each other! We aren’t all business at Azori. We want to know more about you, your personality, how you work and what you love to do – what makes you tick?  Building a personal relationship right from the get-go means we get a better idea of how we can deliver your roadmap in a way that works for you!

If there’s anything you’d like to know about the team or something you are unsure of – don’t be shy, ask away! We love to share stories and help you to understand more about what we do.

During our intro, we may ask questions such as:

Tell me why you started your business in the first place?

What does your business mean to you on a personal level?

Why is it important?

If you have a personal brand, it’s important for us to get to know more about your personality, your values and what you want to represent so we might ask:

Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

What’s important to you?

Can you tell me 3 quirky facts about you?

2. Defining your goals

Let’s get down to business! Now we’re better acquainted, our next step is to get to the bottom of your goals. If you can, we encourage you to have a think about the following questions before our BrandBreakthrough™:

What’s your income goal?

How much money do you want your new site to generate?

How many clients do you want to have?

What’s the average value of your projects? Where are you right now, where do you want to be?

What are the main roadblocks to reaching that goal?

Pinpointing your goals and any roadblocks your experiencing will help us to establish what solutions we can put in place to help you overcome your obstacles.

3. How we can help

Now you’ve told us about you and your goals, it’s time for us to show you our expertise. After your BrandBreakthrough™, our team will conduct a brief audit of your business using the information provided in your session. We take a look at your social media, website and evaluate your online presence. This means that after you receive your BrandBreakthrough™ document, we can suggest some easy-to-implement changes that you can introduce instantly to elevate your brand. We like to think this gives you a little idea of what to expect when working with us in a fully-fledged project setting.

4. What services we can offer 

With a clear idea of your business needs, we can now determine which packages or services will work best for you. Whether you need a full rebrand or just some assistance with your online presence. We will only offer services that we believe you truly need. If you have a specific budget or main goal you’d like to focus on, that’s fine too. We don’t have to implement everything at once! Just let us know and we can put together a roadmap that’s perfect for you.

5. The details

To provide you with a quote that covers everything you need, we will go through a few project details. What are your website specifications and technical requirements? How many items are you looking for and what size?

Have no idea? No problem! Our team will give you guidance on what we believe will work for your business goals.

Just remember, the cost of the BrandBreakthrough™ will be set against the project cost moving forward if you choose to proceed.

04. What happens after the Call?

As we reach the end of the BrandBreakthrough™ session, we will go away and write up our bullet proof plan for your brand and business. Along with information on a proposal that we believe will be best suited to you and your businesses needs. We will also give you a guide on what you can expect when, how long we allow for projects like yours etc.. We will also share our process for giving you updates, scheduling meetings, and other communication.

Once you receive your BrandBreakthrough™ document, you’ll have a clear understanding of how we are going to resolve your problems and what your journey with us will look like – it’s going to be exciting that’s for sure!

05. What results will a BrandBreakthrough™ bring to you?

At Azori, we are passionate about building long-lasting relationships with our clients, we want our clients to feel they can trust us and that we understand their obstacles.

The BrandBreakthrough™ itself will be enough to set you on the road to total domination in your industry. However, if you do decide to proceed to work with us on a larger scale to assist you with the steps, then bring it on! That’s what we’re here for and we’re happy to help!

Equally there’s no pressure for you to have our help, if you’re confident to implement the roadmap provided on your own.

You and your business deserve the best and we truly hope that by the end of your BrandBreakthrough™ that you feel inspired and excited to work with us!

If you haven’t booked your BrandBreakthrough™ yet, please click here.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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