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Watermark is a close-knit, family-run business that specialises in Luxury design and installation for Kitchens and Bathrooms. Their passion for creating outstanding spaces for the home is inspired by their customers dream of a luxurious dwelling. With uncompromising quality and a beautiful finish, their exceptional kitchens and bathrooms are tailor-made with their clients at the front of their mind.

Their showroom is situated in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, in the quaint village of Oakley. They also have a secondary showroom in Buckinghamshire, placed within the Sky House Design Centre, in Amersham. 

Starting the business back in 1989, with over 30 years of experience in their field, they have built a strong reputation for being specialist designers and craftsmen. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is at the very core of what they do, ensuring every fine detail conforms with their clients vision for a breath-taking kitchen or bathroom and a seamless renovation experience.

Watermark's ethos as a company has always been their forward thinking ideas and dedication to quality. The service they provide is truly like no other, so it was really important to them that this was conveyed through their branding and online presence. 

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The Problem vs Solution

The problem

Watermark needed help and approached Azori back in 2020 when they realised they had a problem. They weren't receiving enough leads, and when they did get leads, the majority were low-budget clients.

Taking into consideration the fact that Watermark is situated within two prime locations in the UK, surrounded by a number of wealthy areas. Their business just wasn't getting noticed by enough people, let alone the right people!

Watermark had the skills, the creative flare and the charm. Their work was featured in top home magazines, so they knew they were doing something right! However, something was still missing and the sales team found themselves needing to work a little too hard to catch their dream clients.


When we compared Watermark to both their local and national competitors within their industry, they simply weren't positioned as a bespoke or luxury brand. So we gave them a brand refresh that was as beautifully aesthetic as it was strategic.

It was important to remain the integrity of the original design, so we focused on revisiting elements such as the colour palette, fonts and imagery style. These adjustments helped give their brand a more luxury, high-end, heritage look. Overtime, this has encouraged the business to attract a higher budget clientele.

We defined their core values and ethos as a company, so that this could be conveyed across the board to create a more trustworthy human-centred brand. One that truly reflects the essence of Watermark and the years of experience standing since 1989.


01. Watermark were able to substantially raise their prices due to an increase of high-quality leads and attracting clients with a higher budget. In 2020, their average revenue per project was £20k. By the end of 2021 and early 2022, their revenue per project doubled, averaging at £40k. 

02. Their brand recognition and social media presence increased, building a high reputation for being a luxury and bespoke kitchen company within their industry. Helping to increase audience connection and loyalty.

03. Watermark's engagement on social media and clicks to their website increased substantially. The majority of click throughs coming through our Pinterest marketing strategy.


About the Brand Showcase

What we Created

01. Brand Strategy & Development
02. Brand Identity Refresh
03. Marketing Design & Management
04. Brand Photoshoot
05. New Website Design
06. Branded Collateral
07. Bespoke Copywriting


Brand Strategy & Identity: Pascale
Web & Brand Design: Pascale, Bethany
Copywriting: Beth & Lisa
Image Direction: Pascale
Photography: Mark at io Photography

in their words

“Working with Azori has transformed the way that people see and approach Watermark. I've really noticed the difference in the type of clientele that enquire now compared to before. We are busier than ever before and we're now working on projects that are worth £60k+. Our website, monthly blogs, social media posts, marketing engagement and of-course the overall aesthetics of our brand speaks for itself. We're so pleased with the experience, thank you!”

Kirstie - senior kitchen designer


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