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Petina’s story all began in sunny South Africa! Being brought up in a world surrounded by gorgeous mountainous landscapes, beautiful wildlife and wide-open views of the South Atlantic Ocean, it’s no wonder that her love for this planet has played such a significant and influential role in her approach to her creative work and Interior Design.

Her deep connection to nature and her strong appreciation for natural and sustainable environments, is what has fuelled her passion to discover the benefits it has on our quality of life, well-being and mental health. With Petina having this natural creative talent, which was also influenced by her father, it felt instinctive to tie the two passions together. Introducing Biophilic Interior Design! Since moving to the UK, Petina has seen an increase of so many people that feel disconnected from the planet.

So she’s made it her mission to create healing homes, bringing the outside in! This will help people re-connect and heal from both the literal toxins and mental toxins of the world.

brand pillars

wellbeing  - love  - connection

The Problem vs Solution

The problem

Petina needed help and approached Azori back in 2021 when she realised she had a problem! She wasn't receiving enough of her dream clients. She wanted to be positioned as an authority within her industry, to help drive more enquiries from high-ticket clients and less nit-pickers!

Her website and brand was dated and she needed something that truly reflected her style, culture, vibrant personality and something that was more in-keeping with her new and improved flare for biophilic interior design.

Petina had the skills, the creative flare and the charm. Her clients loved her work so she knew she was doing something right! However, something was still missing and she knew she needed help from a creative professional to help take her brand to the next level!


When we compared Petina to both her local and national competitors within the interior design industry, she simply wasn't positioned as a personal or luxury brand. So we gave her a brand refresh that was as beautifully aesthetic as it was strategic.

It was important to capture Petinas warm and approachable personality, creativity and culture. So we focused on elements such as earthy patterns, vibrant colour palettes, fonts and imagery style. These adjustments helped give her brand a high-end but fun look. Overtime, this has encouraged the business to attract a higher budget clientele and has also helped her to be featured in magazines and in exhibitions such as Grand Designs.

We defined her core values and ethos as a company, so that this could be conveyed across the board to create a more trustworthy human-centred brand. One that truly reflects the essence of Petina Julius herself.


01. Petina gained more confidence with her brand on social media, and started getting featured in top interior websites and magazines such as 'Grand Designs' from the Channel 4, including a live panel at the Grand Designs exhibition at the excel in London. 

02. Petina noticed that she started getting more quality enquiries through her website.

petina julius interiors

About the Brand Showcase

What we Created

01. Brand Strategy & Development
02. Brand Identity Refresh
03. Social Media Post Designs
04. Brand Photoshoot
05. New Website Design
06. Branded Collateral
07. Bespoke Copywriting


Brand Strategy & Identity: Pascale
Web Design: Pascale
Web Development: Newflight
Brand Photography: Pascale

in their words

“My branding & Brand photos make the whole website look ace! So much more personable, and fun. We certainly created magic!!!”

PETINA - founder of petina julis interiors


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