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Hermanas Tequila is a passion project that we developed for a female-led tequila distillery. A brand built on sustainability, inclusivity and customer loyalty.

We wanted to create a brand that was unique to the tequila industry. We noticed that the majority of tequila brands, over 90% of the market, is speaking to a masculine audience. So we wanted to be a voice for the spirited feminine lovers of tequila. Creating a culture around sisterhood and embracing togetherness!

We created a product that provided an engaging opportunity for new and fun colourful tequila cocktail recipes, ideal for girls nights, bridal parties and hen parties.

brand pillars


Behind the design

the concept

We wanted to create a brand that would stand out on the shelves and speak to our female audience. So it was important to create something irresistible. We wanted to ensure that we infused this brand with culture, colour and creativity! As well as an essence of traditional Mexican graphic design.

This brand needed to be something that could be translated across print, packaging, signage, advertising, website, social media and marketing. So we created a variety of flexible elements to allow room for versatility across all deliverables.

the design

We focused on creating a latin-inspired pattern design, which is based around Mexican tiles architecture. This was a subtle way to bring a bit of culture into the brand, a nod to the heritage and history of tequila itself.

We selected a pastel and floral based colour palette that was bright and cheerful. The Purple represents creativity, the pink represents femininity, the golden yellow represents unity, the green represents sustainability and finally the orange represents individuality. 

Hermanas tequila

About the Brand Showcase

What we Created

01. Brand Strategy & Development
02. Brand Identity
03. Bottle & Packaging Design
04. Social Media Design


Brand Strategy: Kate, Pascale
Brand Identity: Pascale
Web & Brand Design: Bethany, Pascale
Brand Voice & Stories: Kate, Lisa
Image Direction: Pascale


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